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The Mystery Box

& Finnigan Flynn

Written by Lucy Davey
Illustrated by Cat Chapman
Scholastic NZ Ltd. (2016)
ISBN 978-1-77543-299-9


“When Finnigan Flynn heard the doorbell ring,

he found on his doorstep a curious thing:

a mystery box, tied up with string.


A tag on the top read: ‘ Watch out, within!

Don’t open! Beware!’

But Finnigan Flynn

was not to be stopped – he raced to the wood,

and untied the string as fast as he could...”


When RUMBLE-A-JUMBLE bam-booms in the box… out come all manor of wonderful and exciting surprises. Join Finnigan Flynn on this magical romp and discover a host of curious characters and crazy remedies!

Danger… Excitement… Adventure... What will BURST out of the mystery box next?


This book is a must for all who love surprises and delight in the joy and rhythm of read-aloud rhyme.

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