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Fifi La Belle

Ship's Cat

Written by Lucy Davey
Illustrated by Christine Ross
Scholastic NZ Ltd. (2009)
ISBN 978-1-86943-892-0


“In Paris Café,

in the heart of Parnell,

a hullabaloo woke Fifi la Belle.

Madame la Mousse was bubbling about,

loading her Citroen both inside and out.

Piling in packages, boxes and bags,

suitcases fastened with fanciful tags,

hold-alls and haversacks, hampers as well…

and finally loading in Fifi la Belle!"

It’s holiday time, and Madame la Mousse and Fifi set off on their travels. As they journey the country from top to toe, Fifi rides in style as ‘Fifi la Belle, cat extraordinaire’…


But – hello – what’s this? When they arrive on the inter-island ferry, Fifi is put in a box! Like an ordinary pet!

She’s not having that…

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