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Every day can be an adventure

when you come and join in the dinosaur hunt! 


Follow footprints and rip-ringing roars as you journey from the garden and washing line, to the playground and beyond... But make sure you keep a close eye on T-Rex! 


Dinosaur Hunting offers an entertaining and natural way for children to learn opposites and grow their imaginations.


Rollicking, romp-stomp-chomping  fun! 

Dinosaur Hunting

Written by Lucy Davey
Illustrated by Kirsten Richards

Scholastic NZ Ltd. (2016)
ISBN 978-1-77543-395-8


“Down to the garden, tiptoe tracking.

Dinosaur hunting, Daddy and me.

Following footprints, twigs snap-cracking - 

which kinds of dinosaurs can we see?


Stegosaurus, Shamosaurus,

Segisaurus, Ammosaurus,

Spinosaurus, Supersaurus... and T-Rex!

Romp-stomp, romp-stomp,

Rrraaaaaah... CHOMP!


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