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Tarantula Boo!


Written by Lucy Davey
Illustrated by Philip Webb
Scholastic NZ Ltd. (2011)
ISBN 978-1-86943-996-5


“"Safe behind glass at Zurlington Zoo,

lived loveable larrikin Lenny Lassoo.

Lenny was furry and fuzzy and hairy,

and liked to play tricks that were

frightfully scary…"


"... his favourite game to play at the zoo

was tricky and teasy…Tarantula BOO!”


Lenny Lassoo has a wonderful life at Zurlington Zoo. He wows the crowds with tricks and games of tarantula BOO! But while he loves giving children a beautiful scare, there is one thing is missing for Lenny Lassoo… a friend to share his fun at the zoo.


When some rollicking monkeys in the next door enclosure give Lenny a chance to escape, he seizes the day… but will he find the perfect friend?

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