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Fifi La Belle


Written by Lucy Davey
Illustrated by Christine Ross
Scholastic NZ Ltd. (2005)
ISBN 978-1-86943-660-1


“In Paris Café,

in the heart of Parnell,

lived pampered pussycat Fifi la Belle;

silky and smooth

on her elegant chair,

with her fabulous fur and superior stare.


But tired of feasting on salmon and cream,

Fifi indulged an adventurous dream…”


Fifi la Belle decides to be a pampered puss no longer and sees herself instead as ‘fabulous, fearless Fifi la Belle’ – a cat of adventure, danger, and feline finesse.


Join Fifi as she tastes a tigerish thrill in the Domain, and sneaks and stalks her way through the Museum. But who is stalking who?

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